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The Lean Farmer Club

We are excited to introduce this new level of membership.

Our Lean Farmer Club offers our loyal members exclusive access to live Q&A sessions with Jana Hocken, an online community of lean farmers, action plans and even more tools, real examples, videos, tips and templates. A real personal and motivational helping hand for your farm's lean journey. Does this sound amazing - jump to the details below of what is included in our exciting new membership.


ONLY *$29 NZD /month (normally $49)

The Lean Farmer Club has a rolling subscription paid automatically every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. *Introductory Offer will run for 6 months for first 50 to sign up after which normal pricing will apply.

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What's included in your new membership

Live Online Q&A

You will have an exclusive opportunity to join a live Lean Farmer member webinar with lean expert Jana Hocken every month and ask any of your pressing lean questions to help your specific farm needs.

Online Community

You will have access to a global community of like minded lean farmers. Using an online portal you can chat, share and learn from other lean farmers that are on a lean journey. You can inspire and help each other every day.

Weekly Videos

Each week we will release a micro video just for our members. Is there a specific lean tool, example or information that you want to know more about? We will create and release video content on what you want each week.

News & Actions

You will receive tailored news, tips and examples based on your questions and requests direct to your inbox. We will also send you an action plan for your farm based on member insights that you can follow step by step.

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Your new Lean Farmer Club membership includes access to all of the above.

Joining this group of members means you will connect with like minded, progressive farmers that want to be leaders and game changers. It's a great opportunity to get the inspiration, knowledge and confidence you need to become a lean farm.

So what are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing you soon!

Introductory Offer Only *$29 NZD /month (normally $49 NZD)

*Applies to the first 50 people to sign up and will be for 6 months after which price will revert to normal pricing.

Still not's some more info

and what farmers are saying about lean

“Thank you so much for the workshop you gave us in Marton last Friday. I found it absolutely inspirational & it will change my life.”  - Chris Turner, Beef Farmer, Manawatu

“The lean farm course has made all out team realise how much time we were wasting and with even just a few easy improvements it has made such a difference I would definitely recommend doing this course as it's help us and our staff to become more organised.” – Justin Ohearn, Share Milker, Waikato

“In a farming world which is becoming increasingly multi-faceted, a LeanFarm approach is both relevant and essential.  The emphasis on "continuous improvement" is a realistic and achievable goal .  In my experience many farmers unconsciously act with a "Lean" philosophy in mind; this course adds to your knowledge-base, challenges your practice and provides resources and skills that will benefit the whole team.  One of the best courses I have attended for tools to achieve and maintain valuable outcomes for your business at a practical and strategic level.” Katrina Barber, Farm Owner, Manawatu

“We loved your course so much. It has been so invaluable to our farm. Our team is all on board and excited with what we have already implemented and the improvements it has already made. Can't wait to keep the momentum going and continue to see the improvements in the coming years.” - Tracy and Steve Henderson, Share Milkers, Southland

“Jana and Lean Farming Systems have made me realise how small, simple, cumulative changes in our business are worth so much!” – Rachel Joblin, Farmer, Wairarapa

“As farmers we tend to stick to what we know because well it's what we know but it's a changing world that requires us to improve and raise the standard or else our business will get left behind. Lean was really good in that it made me feel uncomfortable with the status quo and forced me to relook ,re evaluate and change. Bearing in mind Rome wasn't built in a day.” – Matthew Wright, Farm Manager, Taranaki

“If all farms had these systems in place, it would be much easier for staff to do their jobs, and less frustration all round. A great course, well worthwhile.” Wendy and John Allen, Farm Owners, Manawatu

“We have about 6 staff in our farming operation and have been making slow progress in the area of efficiency, where we could see a lot of wastage in many areas. Your lean management course could not have come at a better time as it has given us the skills and tools to move forward in a meaningful manner. It is now a matter of spending time working on our business using what we have learnt to see some real advancements, which I know will make a huge difference. Thank you.” - Malcolm Reynolds, Farm Owner, Waikato

“Recently I attended a full day workshop with Jana (the Lean Dairy Farm). It was the best learning/growth event I had attended in a long time! For me it was awesome to get the affirmation that the path we were taking our business on had led others to great success! Jana shared many stories, tips and tools to dot the I’s and cross the T’s to take our business to the next level. I believe adopting a Lean approach will result in - Engaged Communication through Systems to create Efficient Productive Happy Teams!" Fraser Avery, Farm Owner, Bonavaree Farm (Marlborough Sheep and Beef Farmer of the Year 2019)

Jana Hocken - farm management boards.

Live online Q&A with Jana Hocken - every month

This is the incredible opportunity to ask all of your burning questions about lean on farm from a leading global expert in Lean Farming: Jana Hocken, author of The Lean Dairy Farm. You have exclusive access to Jana every month during a live member only webinar session in which you can get your pressing challenges and questions answered. Think of it as your own personal online mentor and guide that can help you on this lean journey. And don't worry - if you can't attend a live session for any reason on any month, you will receive the webinar link and can access the session recording at any time afterwards. You will also always have the opportunity to send through your pressing questions and challenges prior to each month's session so that we can answer them in the session.


Online community of lean farmers - every day

Joining the Lean Farmer Club will give you access to our online community of global lean farmers. You will be able to login to an online portal where you can connect with like minded farmers from all over the world. Here you can chat, share and learn from each other in a central, safe and professional place. This is a great opportunity to help each other every day on your lean journey. You can share examples, questions, challenges, ideas, learnings, mistakes and wins. Implementing change on your farm can be difficult, and having a network of farmers on the same journey that you can talk with anytime can be extremely helpful. Gain inspiration, ideas, learnings and more from each other. The online portal will also be the location where you can access the videos, actions and other materials.

Managers doing audit Jan 2019

Exclusive micro videos -                          every week

We will give you exclusive access to videos that will be created specifically for you based on what you want. Our club members can request topics they are interested in, and we will create and send micro videos each week specific to these requests. So if you are struggling to motivate your team and want a video to help with this then we will create one. If you are having trouble with a specific farm metric eg empty rate, we can create a video on how to break down the problem and work through it. The opportunities are endless! While we currently create videos and post these on social media it is hard for us to know what specific topics we should address. This membership gives you a unique opportunity to have video learnings made for you to address your frustrations and problems. By diving deeper into your specific problems you can become the expert lean farmer even faster.

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News, Tips & Action Plans -                      every month

We want farmers to succeed in their lean journeys so that they can reap the rewards. Based on the questions, requests and challenges we see from our members, we will develop tailored news with tips and additional information that you will receive each month. But it doesn't stop there. We believe the most important part of acquiring new knowledge is to do something with it! We are on a mission to transform the way farmers think about and operate their farms. So each month we will also send out a simple Action Plan that has been tailored to our Farmer Club members needs. This will provide another helping hand in your journey, helping you to make sustainable improvements one step at a time.

We look forward to seeing you soon at The Lean Farmer Club!